How Much Is Prabhas is Bitten by CasteEach of the Star heroes has a separate loyal set of fans and among those fans, there are fanatics who talk nonsense based on the caste of the star heroes they admire. It’s not the star heroes’ accomplishments that excite those fans. It’s the caste.

Talking about Prabhas in a recent interview, Rajamouli expressed a very high opinion on the screen Baahubali. Prabhas is untouched by caste fanatics and doesn’t like to be recognised by caste says Rajamouli. Sometimes, Rajamouli and others used to tease Prabhas by addressing him as ‘Prabhas Raju’, adding his caste tag to the hero’s name.

Furthermore, Prabhas used to feel shy whenever someone calls him as Prabhas Raju. He is basically a shy person and an introvert. He doesn’t make friends based on caste or want to take his community name alongside his name. That must be the reason Prabhas’ fan base is less affected by caste-based fanatism.