RRR Movie Promotions casts 5 croresRajamouli, Jr NTR, and Ram Charan actively took part in RRR’w whirlwind promotional campaign all through December. But their efforts went in vain as the film’s release was postponed in view of the spike in Covid cases across the country.

Now, rumors are rife that team RRR spent a whopping Rs 5 crores just on the recent promotional campaign. The events in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kerala are said to have costed the makers a bomb.

The aggressive promotional campaign did succeed in building great buzz for the film ahead of its theatrical release. Even the Hindi audience seemed to be evincing interest in the film, thanks to the star-studded events. But it amounted to very little as the release got postponed.

As it appears, a total of around Rs 5 crores went down the drain due to RRR’s postponement. The unit will have to start all over again when the new release date is announced, whenever that is.