1 Disaster and 6 Unforgettable Impacts On VDLiger came and went. Became one of the biggest disasters. Created a ruckus between distributors and the makers. Left Puri Jagan with no work. Charmme had to run away from social media. Money laundering allegations were put up against the producers. But did Vijay Deverakonda come unhurt out of this debacle? The answer is a strict NO.

Liger’s debacle has hurt him in more ways than anyone could imagine. Not just professionally but personally, mentally, and emotionally also, Liger has left unhealable scars on Vijay Deverakonda.

Liger became the biggest disaster of Vijay Deverakonda’s career which ruled out his chances of becoming the youngest pan-India star. His next big-budget film Jana Gana Mana was shelved because it had no takers.

His market got affected quite a bit. In the North, he faced heavy trolling due to its failure. And top of it all, he had to undergo heavy interrogation for 11 hours by the Enforcement Directorate team in the money laundering case, which might have shattered him from the inside, though he may not show it in public.

Let’s hope Vijay leaves the memories of this nightmare called Liger behind and moves forward with hopes and dreams of becoming the biggest star that he always wanted to become.