Allari Naresh hits jackpot

Hero Allrai Naresh made his place in the industry as a minimum guaranty hero for producers and he filled Rajendra Prasad place as comedy hero to a great extent. But his last two films did not make any wonder instead fell into losses but for Action 3D film Allari Naresh hit the jackpot.

Confused, how Allari Naresh hit jackpot with Action 3D when it’s film reel returned to labs in first week. We will clear the air about it satellite rights of Action 3D film got sold-out for 3 crores. This is the highest price for Allari Naresh film till date but this credit goes to Mahesh Babu.

How Mahesh gets credit for Allari Naresh film? Sun Networks has purchased Mahesh’s ‘1’ film satellite rights along with Action 3D for 15 crores , in which 3 crores are for Allari Naresh film, said sources.