Brahmanadam must have singlehandedly saved so many films from going down the drain, including big-budget films like Baadshah and Dookudu. He has been doing this for years and audiences never get bored of him doing what he is best at. How long are we going to continue banking on a single actor, who gives his best to make role of his to be remembered for a long time.

No doubt he is a great actor and top class comedian, but banking on him in every film is like Indian cricket team depending on Dhoni. Is it not time to make way for new and younger comedians like Vennela Kishore? Why not Siva Reddy? He is a great mimicry artist and even did good roles in several films. He is rarely to be seen in films.

I think it’s time directors like Srinu Vaitla, Puri Jagannadh and Trivikram stop depending on the same comedians. We hope to see younger comedians shine on the silver screen too, don’t we?

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