Samantha Ruth PrabhuSamantha went through a lot lately. Following the much talked about divorce, she suffered from the muscular condition of Myositis.

Incidentally, Samantha had been avoiding the media ever since the recent developments and she has done the same in the case of Shakuntalam as well.

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As for Yashoda, Samantha gave just one recorded interview with Suma and that was it. Even for Shakuntalam, she has done the same as she has dropped a pre-recorded interview with Suma.

Perhaps, Samantha is worried about the media asking her controversial questions about the divorce and that could be one reason why she is avoiding media interactions.

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But she is completing two new theatrical releases already. Staying away from live media interactions for so long isn’t wise for a star beauty like her. So, it has to be seen how much more time she will ward off the media.