How is ANS First Look?

The first cut dialogue teaser of Naga Chaitanya’s Autonagar Surya out on the occasion of Naga Chaitanya’s Birthday. The teaser had the dialogue ” Idhi naku mayor ki jaruguthunna poratam kadhu. Atmabhimananiki Atmavanchanaki jaruguthunna poratam.. Manishi viluvaki Janthu balaniki jaruguthunna poratam..Avunu nenu anadhane kani anamakudini kadhu.. Naa per Surya.. Autonagar Surya “. Naga Chaitanya’s voice is very different and intensity in it is quite evident.

Even before the announcement of the project, Deva Katta released a similar dialogue with his own voice. In fact, it was one of the sole reasons for the project to get so much of hype. But when Naga Chaitanya was chosen as the main lead, there were many doubt if his voice has such intensity. With this intensity, he proved everyone wrong.

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