Sye-RaaThe comparisons with Baahubali will be inevitable going forward, so, let’s begin with that. When the first promotions of Baahubali started, it didn’t start shattering records. There was a gradual build-up, and finally, when the actual footage arrived, the hype hit the roofs with the right teaser and trailer.

The advantage that Baahubali had was it did not have precedence. It was the first such monumental undertaking. And that is the disadvantage with Sye Raa. It has a benchmark to match. It can’t lag in any department and always deliver. The moments it falls short, the negativity will spread fast.

Which brings us to the teaser, arriving tomorrow. However small or very little the footage and duration it has, it the first showcase of footage. It is imperative, therefore, that it delivers. The first impression has to be bombastic. It will stay in people’s mind. Yes, there would be a gap between the teaser and the following promotional material, but a positive impact here will be an add-on when the next thing arrives. If not, then the unit has to rebuild from scratch again. Let’s see how it goes.