Comparision is one art of language. To compare something, we normally use similes which are actually rhetorical figure expressing comparision and likeness with something which is above stature. Now…don’t get bored thinking why this English class on figures of speech. We got to discussing similes here because our action hero Gopi Chand is targetted for using such figurative language during the audio launch event of ‘Loukyam’ held on Sunday in Vijayawada.

Oozing confidence, Gopi Chand said, “Like Atharintiki Daredi to Pawan Kalyan, Loukyam will be for Gopi Chand”. The statement is plain. But some got it very wrong. They twisted his words in different way and started laughing at Gopi Chand that how can he even dare to think that his film can reach the range of the industry hit which collected around Rs.85 crores.

When even the big heroes films aren’t measured with the yard stick of Pawan’s achievement, how can a medium budget hero like Gopi Chand even compare that his film’s hit is going to be on the lines of AD’s super success? But what Gopi Chand did is only comparing and saying that like Pawan Kalyan has AD to speak about his success, ‘Loukyam’ will make Gopi Chand’s best movie ever collections wise. Thus, using similes is dangerous. Beware!