Nani, Nani Experimental Movies, Nani Experimental Films, Nani Out of the Box Movies, Nani Risky Story Movies, Nani Success Formula Strategy There was a phase in the career of natural star Nani two years back during which his films like ‘Janda Pai Kapiraju’, ‘Paisa’ and ‘Yevade Subramanyam’ tanked at the box-office. It’s with the same dedication he worked two years back and even now. Nani shares an interesting point about his strategy on signing films.

That short-term risk during his low phase had taught him the value of the success he is reaping today. If given a chance, he would do the experimental movies though few may become flops. Nani feels that when we take a safer bet and tempt for routine movies which would come with minimum guarantee success, it would be a risk in the long run as the audience may not accept him different roles.

But if we are daring enough to take a risk in the initial stages, in the long run, it would be very helpful as an actor as he will not be branded with one image says, Nani.

That’s true. Nani didn’t get entangled in one image and has earned the name that he is open to doing a variety of roles and the audience too ready to accept him.