Pawan-Kalyan-Mahesh-Babu-Forbes-2013According to the Forbes celebrity 100 list of 2013, surprisingly Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan has beat superstar Mahesh Babu by a large margin. As per the survey, Pawan raked in approximately INR 57 crores in the year vis-a-vis Mahesh Babu, who managed to collect about INR 28.96 crores.

What’s surprising for everybody is the margin of difference between both the actors. We don’t know for sure what were the factors taken into consideration to calculate the money worth of Pawan as well as Mahesh. However, let’s look at the probable factors on which they could have come to conclusion. Even if Pawan was paid more than Mahesh for his film Attarintiki Daaredhi, he couldn’t have possibly beat Mahesh by double. What else could be the reason?

We should also remember that Pawan does not endorse any products while Mahesh does but still the former beat the latter by a large margin. How is that possible and what could be the reason? This list is for sure going to raise questions in the minds of the actor’s fans and it would be appreciated if Forbes actually explains the method it followed to arrive at the ranking.