How Come Rules Are Different for Him & Me? – Renu Desai

How Come Rules Are Different for Pawan Kalyan & Me? - Renu DesaiGoing by the nonsense she has been witnessing after the announcement of her engagement, every sensible person would feel that Renu Desai needs her space to live her life. She is being constantly nagged, threatened, abused and what not on the social media platforms.

Renu shared a couple of pics in which we can read Pawan Kalyan fans asking and demanding her to respond over a politician’s propaganda (pic) against PK as a man with multiple relationships. Now, Renu Desai has a question to ask? When she was abused for more than five years, she was advised to ignore those abuses, be silent and bear the brunt.

Now, when Pawan Kalyan‘s image is being maligned by a politician, the same fans are asking her to come out on respond on the behalf of Pawan Kalyan. “How come the rules are different for him and me?” questioned Renu Desai on the partial society. She hopes for a day when she can live in peace and there is a closure for all this nonsense.

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