ram gopal varma comments on mohan babu and sonsCan you think of someone who can call Mohan Babu ‘Stupid’ on face? When Mohan Babu said, ‘Well said Ramu!’, that was RGV’s feeling that Mohan Babu was stupid. The film maker spoke about Mohan Babu’s belief in Shiridi Sai Baba and Lord Venkateshwara and questioned why his gods didn’t make him more popular.

RGV asks why Mohan Babu’s prayers aren’t answered and why he didn’t become another Rajnikanth or his sons like Pawan Kalyan or Charan. He advises Mohan Babu to change his God or else find the way how Chiranjeevi’s family offers prayers which got his family more blessings than Mohan Babu’s sons.

Ramu is a hard core atheist. Whenever a topic likes this comes up, he criticises God and theists heavily without fear and even ready to face flak from the majority.