Already the promos of the upcoming episode of ‘Meelo Evadu Koteeshwarudu’ are creating sensation on our television sets. It’s really refreshing to see megastar Chiranjeevi as his earlier self. Keeping aside his politician look which he has been sporting for quite a while from now, Chiru seems to have undergone complete makeover to get back to his usual self, the person who he was before politics happened to him.

Nag has maintained that consistency throughout his career regarding his looks and especially never gained any extra weight so far. That’s why celebrities can’t help themselves from being surprised by Nag’s young look. This time Chiru seems to have come fully prepared to beat Nag on MEK. He looks well groomed and cool in the formal outfit he had sported for the upcoming episode of Nag’s MEK. Well, people started wondering is this something like prior preparation for his 150th movie. Hope, there would be an announcement soon regarding his land mark film.