Vijaysai-Reddy-Nagarjuna-AkkineniIt is a known thing that Nagarjuna Akkineni is very good friends with the YS family. He was very close to YSR back in the day and he continued to maintain cordial relationships with Jagan as well.

Coming to the topic, YCP bigwig Vijayasai Reddy is being called out on social media for forgetting Nagarjuna. Wonder what’s the story behind it?

Earlier today, Vijayasai tweeted “I am delighted to know that Chiranjeevi’s Godfather event is being held in AP(Anantapur). I wish him the very best.” This tweet has triggered a few netizens.

“Well, it is good that you are congratulating Chiranjeevi who is about to hold an event in AP, but what about Nagarjuna? He already held his Ghost film event in Kurnool. Moreover, he is a very good friend of Jagan and also, his film is releasing right alongside Godfather on 5 October. You can’t congratulate Chiru and leave aside Nagarjuna.” a netizen tweeted.

Even a section of Nag’s fans are disappointed with the fact that Vijayasai has forgotten to wish Nagarjuna.