How Adivi Sesh’s Credibility Made HIT Bigger And Better?The second instalment of HIT – HIT: Second Case opened in theaters. It garnered promising reviews and a decent word of mouth.

Coming to the point, it needs to be said that the Adivi Sesh factor has helped HIT 2 in more ways than one.

Firstly, the change of heroes from Vishwak in part 1 to Sesh in part 2 had an impact. The audience were intrigued about the inclusion of Sesh in the sequel which doesn’t quite happen with franchise films usually. This helped in creating the X factor for HIT 2.

Had Vishwak played the lead again in HIT 2, there might not have been as much surprise or X factor. Sesh’s inclusion certainly did help here.

Then comes the bankable factor. Over the last few years, Sesh has built a lot of trust from a section of audience. There’s the impression that he always does decent-to-good thriller dramas. His impressive track record and market were added to HIT’s box office prospects.

Vishwak started the foundation and Sesh has cemented it perfectly for HIT universe. The stage is now perfectly laid for Nani to take charge in the third part.