ABN-Vemuri-Radha-Krishna-KCRTelugu States combined have more than 40 channels catering people in the name of news. Several of them already on the verge of horizon by having open political affiliations. With election fever subsiding, most channels have lost their TRPs and brand but one channel and one man stood up facing everything. He is Radha Krishna and the channel is ABN-Andhra Jyothy.

Even though the reason for that standing will not make RK proud, but the way he stood against a very powerful Chief Minister is certainly commendable. For nearly two years, he also faced huge financial losses after the channel was blocked but he never subsided. He openly declared war on all anti-government policies and said he will not bow down to any one to get his channel unbanned.

Thats not the only case, RK and ABN always stood to the cause they believed. They stood by TRS during the agitation time and used to give very good coverage for the movement saying that it is in the people. Most recently, he opposed Pushkaralu when both the states almost plunged in to the river. Whatever may be the result, RK and ABN always made a mark on people especially after the bifurcation.