How-a-KGF-2-Yash's-Fake-Pic-Went-Viral-as-Leaked!So, if you are still in awe of Yash’s rugged look for his sequel of the blockbuster film ‘KGF Chapter One’ that went viral on the internet, you will have to survive a shock. Here is the truth for you. The guy in the viral pic wasn’t Yash, after all.

He was an aspiring model and actor Deepak Sharma. The long hair covered his face, and it looked like Yash. Without a second thought, the pic went viral claiming that it was Yash’s look for KGF 2. The second pic of Deepak Sharma with an uncovered face, with his hair, brushed aside tells us the truth that the fake pic went viral as leaked.

The guy in the pic posted the second pic with hair brushed aside, telling us clearly about the earlier pic. One must agree that the young actor had some similarities with Yash, but that doesn’t mean Yash’s fans will be happy as they were actually rejoicing thinking that it was Yash in the fake viral pic. What a leak!