aamir khan anushka sharma vegetariensFor some people being a vegetarian is their way of life not just eating plant products. Vegans have come a long way from just vegetarians, not consuming and also using any product got from animals. There are many Bollywood celebs who turned vegan and are actively spreading the importance of being a vegan.

Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, the lead stars of ‘pk’, had been voted by PETA as the hottest vegetarians for this year 2015. Anushka turned vegetarian because she likes animals. When she discovered the benefits by practicing vegetarianism, she became a true vegan spreading the word.

For Aamir, it was his wife Kiran Rao who was instrumental in making him turn a vegetarian. She showed him a video explaining the importance and that made him renounce non-vegetarian food altogether.