Hotstar Keeps Extra Effort for Akhanda, Netflix LazyNow that the cases are growing people are getting stuck at home once more. So, naturally, their attraction is towards the OTT releases. Some big films like Akhanda and Shyam Singha Roy will be arriving on Hotstar and Netflix on the 21st of this month.

These are big movies and there are many who might have not watched them on the big screen due to the scare of Covid. Now, to attract them Hotstar has gone a step ahead and is making promos of Akhanda.

Star director Boyapati Sreenu is also giving his bites which will come during the screening and also help the viewers engaged. If this was not enough, there will also be an early premiere for Akhanda on Hotstar. But Netflix is in no mood to favor the movie and will release it at 12 AM midnight like how it does other films.

Netflix is quite lazy in this regard and has not created any buzz for Shyam Singha Roy. If you observe closely, SSR is a film that will be lapped up more on OTT than on the big screens.

Off late, when the OTT players are attracting an audience by various offers and big films, all they need is subscriptions. Hotstar is leading the pack but an international player like Netflix is cool and is not in any hurry and is making use of the standard formulae.

But for the audience, it does not make any difference as their will watch both these films anyways when they are free.