Hot Sensation Payal Rajput Fading out Quickly?Once a hot sensation who got significant fame with one film ‘Rx 100’, heroine Payal Rajput seems to be fading out too quickly. After her sensational debut, the roles she played in the films that followed were not impressive.

Now, the actress is playing a female fighter pilot in ‘Narendra’ being helmed by director Jayanth C Paranji. In the movie, her character tries to free the Indian prisoners from the Afghan’s prison trying to fight a superior enemy.

So far, Payal gained nothing out of her projects except the debut movie ‘Rx 100’. She also acted in a female-oriented movie ‘RDX Love’ which bombed badly at the box-office and her skin show came under criticism.

Venky Mama fared well but, there was nothing for Payal to take back home and then came ‘Disco Raja’ as Payal’s role was like limited to a couple of songs and a few sequences and at the end of the day, her character has got nothing to make an impact.

Looks like, her insignificant roles are killing her career in Tollywood. Hope, Jayanth C Paranji has got something interesting for the actress to get back her limelight that she got with ‘Rx 100’. Let’s wait and see.