With the country’s politics in disarray and the political parties all in a conflict to showcase themselves as the good one or for publicity, we can only expect things to be fair game. However, expectations aren’t always true and each one is trying hard to convince the public using various methods, the latest one being hiring models to endorse their parties. Small time model Tanisha Singh has already been doing the work, wrapping the Indian flag about her waist and the party symbol of Indian National Congress wisely placed on her bosom, we can be sure that the model has been asked to endorse the party.

While this may seem outright ridiculous, Rahul Gandhi is not the only one using this trick. Narendra Modi has also used this technique for some popularity and public’s support. Well-known actress Mallika Sherawat herself did the publicity part for Modi. As if the birthday wish sung by Sherawat was not enough, he has model Meghna Patel for the rest.