Some of the hot ladies in the film industry get noticed and become more popular for their publicity stunts rather than their work in the movies. Poonam Pandey is one of such hot ladies who always kept herself in the news by posting indecent and suggestive pictures of herself on her Facebook wall. Time and again many commented unfavourably on her indecent and cheap content she kept posting on her Facebook wall. But she never paid heed to anyone’s comments. Now she had to swallow a bitter pill.

Suddenly, one fine day on 27th August she found out that her Facebook account has been deactivated without any prior notice. She had about 2.1 million followers on facebook, whom she lost in a blink of an eye. Poonam Pandey shared her sorrow with twitterati, “Really Sad that my Official @facebook Page got Deactivated! It had over 2.1Million fans … Let me Know Tweet hearts how can I get it back?”. Facebook has been the platform for the actress to stay connected with millions of her fans directly. Currently she has 0.6 million fans on twitter. Hope she doesn’t lose them by continuing all her cheap and indecent tricks she resorts to by default.