Hot and Tight Ravishing Bikini Hottie Raai LaxmiThere was a time when Raai Laxmi was a bit on the heavier side and was one of those curvaceous ladies who could make the people go gaga with her sinuous body. Now, she lost oodles of weight and looks more like a bikini babe but didn’t lose that hotness.

With the kind of physique, she has attained she can perfectly fit into any kind of hot bikini and look gorgeous like in this one. Striped orange bikini top with black bikini bottom teamed up with cool sunglasses and those hoop earrings; isn’t it hard not to say, ‘Wow!’?

In a few of her recent pics, we’ve noticed those age wrinkles around her mouth. Now, they are gone and that soft flawless skin can’t go without notice. Films or no films, Raai Lakshmi always manages to engage her followers with her beauty, doesn’t she?