Andrea-JeremiahAndrea Jeremiah is not a star heroine but has the image no less than one. All credits to her active contribution to the social media controversies. The sexy lady also happens to be a good singer too and is great as a performer on stage. Check this video out and you will know what we are saying.

She is unbelievable! Isn’t it. While Andrea was super happy about her bombarding performance in the supermini dress, social media showered negativity on her skin show. The girl was showing her hottest moves in the metallic shimmery blue party mini which she flaunted to the best as she went on to sing her stylish notes.

Her admirers appreciated her zeal but the trolls, as usual, showed the bitter part. One wrote she forgot her pants and others said she looked bomb. Anyway, the girl is not new to this sort and gave back to the haters with harsh comments to mind their business. Well, the video on the other side is going viral as the fans hope it could get her more opportunities. Let’s see.