prabha arun kumar died in australiaA few years ago we have heard about the horrific incidents on Indians in Australia which created a state of panic and concern among the NRIs living in different parts of Australia. Soon with the help of Australia government’s stern action and pressure from government of India, the situation became normal. But is there any place on the world which we can say that it is safe?

A 41-year old Indian woman was stabbed to death in Sydney while she was just 300m away from home and on phone taking to one of her family members. Prabha Arun Kumar took a lane as a short cut from the station to her house. She was attacked and stabbed to death in Parramatta Park allegedly by a person or persons (unknown) and was found in a pool of blood.

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This reminds us again of the horrific incidents we have heard before where Indians were subjected to horrific attacks in Australia for just a couple of dollars sometimes. Though Prabha was warned by friends about the lane being unsafe, the deceased woman who felt guilty for getting lift to home, took the lane route which turned out fatal for her.