Tabu has been out of the eye of the movie industry for a long while. Her last film Toh Baat Pakki was released three years ago. But she is all set to reappear on the silver screens with her latest film.

Talking about her work with the Oscar winning director Ang Lee, Tabu said, “Ang won’t give me anything that’s not worth my while. Yes, the attraction was Ang. And the story is largely Pi’s. He loses his father and mother early on in the film, but then she has a strong influence on his life. Pi explores religion in this film, his relationship with God, the existence of the supreme power. His mother is someone who’s defied everyone and married the man she loved. Her family has disowned her. Her inner dharma is strong, her influence on her son, Pi, is subtle; but she has an impact on his life.”

Tabu is playing the role of Pi’s mother in the cinematic adaptation of Yann Martel’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel, Life of Pi.