Hope the Exciting Buzz on RRR Is True

Hope-the-Exciting-Buzz-on-RRR-Is-TrueAfter a short break, RRR is going to resume shooting with the lead cast. While the Telugu audiences are eagerly awaiting to see Alia Bhatt join the shooting alongside Ram Charan, here is an interesting buzz.

We know, Ajay Devgan will also be part of RRR though we don’t know what role was he offered by the master story teller, Rajamouli. According to the latest buzz, he would be seen playing Ram Charan’s father in the flashback portions as a freedom fighter.

That means, we guess his portions might be with young Alluri Seerarama Raju and probably would be seen as a middle-aged man not in an aged role. Nothing is official yet. Mostly, Rajamouli springs up surprises and proves the predictions wrong.

Though it would be great to watch Ajay as Ram Charan’s father and freedom fighter, being aware of the above aspect of Rajamouli’s strategy, we think that there must be something more to Ajay Devgan’s character. Either way, Ajay would surely add weight to the movie as a Bollywood star.

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