Brad_Minnich_NTR30The crew of Jr NTR and Koratala Siva’s NTR30 is getting bigger by the day. The makers recently announced that Hollywood action choreographer Kenny Bates who worked on Transformers, Rambo and others is onboard for the film.

Today, the makers of the NTR starrer announced that another top tier Hollywood technician is onboard for the film.

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The said technician is Brad Minnich, who is popular for his works like Aquaman, Justice League, Batman vs Superman, and others. He is officially onboard as the VFX supervisor for NTR30.

The cinematographer, Ratnavelu had already revealed that the film will have top class technical finesse with the blend of live-action shots and CGI and VFX shots.

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Now, the makers have bought in a skilled Hollywood technician for the VFX department, right after onboarding Kenny Bates for action choreography. It is evident that Koratala is planning something big with the NTR starrer this time around.