hit-first-glimpse-nani-movie-loadingNani’s next production venture ‘HIT’ is loading and it will be coming to the theatres near us on 28th February 2020. Vishwak Sen of ‘Falknuma Das’ fame is playing the main lead in the movie while Nani is producing it.

The first glimpse video of the movie is out. Going by the first glimpse video, Nani has got something interesting and intriguing to deliver as a producer. It’s surprising to see Nani coming up with a release date with the first glimpse video. Shows his planning.

Actually, the first glimpse is more like a teaser showing Vishwak Sen as a guy who lost his loved ones and gets himself into another similar situation where he might lose one more. The hero looks impressive with his looks as a troubled soul who wants to take revenge.

Coming from Nani as the producer, there would be several expectations on the movie. Nani’s first production venture ‘Awe’ was a movie with an out-of-the-box idea.