HIT 3: Why Nani Is Not Interested In Any Other Hero?Nani has turned a profitable venture with HIT franchise. The first instalment with Vishwak was a decent grosser and it later precipitated well on OTT and laid platform for HIT 2.

Then, Adivi Sesh came in and added his own prospects. The good opening for the film are combination of the franchise sequel advantage and Sesh’s credibility that pulled audience to theaters.

The third part will have Nani in the lead role and the same was confirmed towards the end of the third part.

The third part of HIT is a winning prospect both as a producer and as a hero for Nani. Given the relative success of the first two parts, the third part will have good hype.

Instead of going for Vishwak, Sesh or any other new hero Nani took up the third part himself. He can be benefited by the market the third part has as a producer and also as an actor for him, who’s graph has been blowing hot and cold of late, this film is a safe bet.

Nani has played his cards wisely by not giving the third part to anyone and coming in himself as a producer and the hero.