Audience Maintains HIT 2 Killer SuspenseHIT 2 opened to decent reviews, and word of mouth is also promising. The audience is enjoying the crime investigation part, and most of them are sufficiently satisfied with the film.

Before the release of the film, producer Nani and hero, Adivi Sesh requested the audience not to reveal the killer’s identity anywhere, especially on social media.

Usually, the suspense of such thrillers will be revealed by some pranksters on social media, spoiling the experience for others. But this time, people have obliged the team’s request and have not revealed the climax on social media. Yes, there are some handles that have revealed the suspense about the killer’s identity, but their posts haven’t gotten enough engagement.

This is a great trend because makers these days shy away from making murder mysteries as the suspense will be out on social media, and many don’t visit the theaters after knowing the killer’s identity. But if the audience on social media is sensible enough to post their spoiler-free reviews, then more makers will come forward to make some great suspense thrillers.

The team of HIT 2 was majorly worried that people on social media would reveal the suspense and the collections would fall, but now the movie is all set for a strong weekend.