Adivi_Sesh_InterviewThere’s no denying the fact that caste feeling is ever so prevalent in Andhra Pradesh. Incidentally, Adivi Sesh had to experience one such instance early in his career and here’s what he had to say about the same.

“We went to Bhimavaram to promote our ‘Karma’ film. There was this one local personality there. When I approached him with Karma audio CD, he felt very happy. He then asked me what sort of help I wanted for the film. I felt elated,” Sesh said.

Adding further, Sesh said “The said person started asking me about my family history. I said my grandfather is Adivi Gangaraju. He immediately replied ‘meeru Raju lu kaada?’ and I said no. His tone changed immediately, knowing I am not his caste,” Sesh concluded.

Sesh has evidently taken the whole development on a light hearted note and he was all smiles while narrating the same. Netizens are now commenting about the caste centric nature of AP citizens.