higlam-venu-madhav-code-word-for-peg-at-shootDo actors drink when they had to give their best for intense scenes during the shooting of their films? Ace comedian Venu Madhav says that such culture is nonexistent in Telugu Film Industry. However big the actor is, drinking is not allowed once the actors puts on his makeup and is ready for shooting.

Coming to Venu Madhav, the comedian accepts that he is not a teetotaller. In fact, he drinks but not on the sets while shooting. He has a code word for peg ‘Higlam’ which he uses during his films’ shoots. He has this habit of asking his assistant for ‘Higlam’.

In a recent interview, initially, Venu Madhav tried to conceal his actual interpretation of ‘Higlam’ and said it a simple drink like tea or coffee. But later he revealed the truth and accepted that he calls a peg ‘Higlam’, so that no one understands what he was hinting at. Looks like a clever code word!