High Voltage scenes being canned for Legend!

Boyapati Srinu is canning some high voltage scenes for Nandamuri Balakrishna’s upcoming movie, Legend. The movie is being shot in and around Vishakapatnam. A blast involving 10 Tata sumos and 2 Safaris was canned in yesterday’s shot. The movie unit is quite happy with the way the movie is shaping up and they promise a treat for Nandamuri fans with this movie. The film is being readied for February 2014 release.

The shooting in Vizag and its surroundings will go on for a fortnight or more. There are huge expectations riding on the movie as Balayya and Boyapati together delivered a blockbuster Simha with their last outing. The movie is being offered record prices in several areas indicating the positive buzz surrounding the film.