Increasing social media impact on Telugu films promotions
Promotion and rising awareness for the films are as important to a movie as making a movie itself. It is not enough if one’s makes a good movie and sits silently without doing anything and hoping that the movie would talk for itself. It used to happen in the past but now with more ways of entertainment for a common man they need some sort of push to move out of their houses to theaters.

It with respect to this promotion that we are seeing an evolution as time is progressing. Back in the days it used to posters on streets along with mike set campaigning across the state. Later with the advent of channels it was TV ads along with posters. Now within the internet age things have changed even more. Earlier there used to be websites for movies where one used to get all the information required for a movie. From posters to trailers and everything it used to be present on the official website. Now official websites have given way to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Today number of followers on Twitter and number of likes on Facebook define the buzz on the film and that is what is portrayed in the media too. Every information, related to the film is made available first on these social networking sites. During the websites age Pawan Kalyan starrer Johnny was the first to create a big splash which was later followed by many other biggies, however these were never popular except few rare ones.The official websites just didn’t click in a major way in Telugu.

The social networking promotion in Telugu cinema saw its origin with Teenmaar. But the real splash happened with Mahesh Babu starrer Dookudu which provided a great interaction between the fans and makers. Its impact was such that it is still the most talked in film circles and how the makers managed it. It was followed by Panjaa and Businessman and after these films, almost every biggie is coming up with pages on social networking sites which provide great interaction to the fans. Today the impact has reached new level what with Baahubali and 1 Nenokkadine getting their accounts verified and having over 100k likes each. At the end of the day content is what that matters but it wouldn’t hurt if one were in the process of promotion bringing fans into fold too. What do you think of this latest trend, is it better than what it was in the past or do you think more interaction is spoiling the fun overall? Post your comment and let us know.