The recent audio launch of the highly anticipated movie Denikaina Ready in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kerala has already tipped the scales in its favour in terms of its visibility. Added to that is the support of Superstar Ambarish and Padma Sri Mohan Lal who were reportedly impressed with both the action-comedy sequences of the movie as well as its musical compositions.

Expressing his happiness over the success of Vishnu’s audio meet in Bangalore, Ambarish said that “the film maker’s intension should be to make a good film to attract the audience and Denikaina Ready has got all that will surely entertain the audience.” Dr. M. Mohan Babu agreed, saying that the Malayalum version of the movie `Endhinum Ready’ will be well received in Kerala.

Set to hit the silver screens on the 24th (26th in Kerala) of this month, Denikaina Ready is predicted to be released in 70 screens each in Karnataka and Kerala while Bangalore will be hosting 20 screens.