High Ask for KGF 2 While the Idea BoomerangsThe situation in the US and overall in overseas isn’t positive yet for the theatrical releases as the audiences aren’t yet ready for the theatres even for big films like ‘Master’. While the situation is still gloomy regarding the theatrical market, ‘KGF 2’ seems to be going aggressive asking for more.

As per the reports that came out, the makers of ‘KGF 2‘ are quoting high prices for the overseas rights of the movie when the overseas distributors aren’t yet ready to take the risk given the situation prevailing in the US and other overseas markets.

They seem to be quoting Rs. 90 crores for overseas rights which is a big amount because of the COVID scare situation. The distributors who came forward for bagging the rights of ‘KGF 2‘ are said to have been taking a back step because of the huge amount.

No doubt the sequel of KGF is having a huge hype around it, but the conditions in the US and the box-office market haven’t come to normal, yet.