Rajamouli-unseen-interviewTollywood top director Rajamouli is making his presence felt all over the country post ‘Baahubali’s release. He has become a star and anything about him has become interesting to the cine goers. We know him as ‘Tollywood Jakkanna’ after actor Rajeev Kanakala started addressing the director for his brilliance and eye to details while making a film.

Besides Jakkanna, there is one more nick name for Rajamouli which is a hidden secret till recently. In a recent chit chat, his elder brother music director MM Keeravani revealed Rajamouli’s nick name. The composer calls him ‘Nandi’ sometimes and the entire family also uses this nickname.

Keeravani says half of Rajamouli’s films are amongst his 30 best renditions as music director. Films have become like everything for Koduri family and besides films, the bond they share and how they work as one professionally is leaving a mark in the industry. The space Rajamouli’s family has created for themselves is enviable.