Anticipation sometimes gives wierd ideas and makes people to believe in things based on the ongoing proceedings. Keeping audience in sustained suspense for long and revealing absolutely nothing about any project may give rise to predictions and imaginations beyond reason. Take the case of Trivikram’s project with Allu Arjun. First it was announced and there was no news about it for quite a considerable period. Again it was launched and once again a lot of lapse is testing the patience of the movie goers.

Added to this seemingly never ending waiting…the finalising of heroines became a like a big selection process in a beauty contest. First came Samanta. Adah Sharma joined the cast. Sneha is finalised. OMG! So many heroines! Rest be assured, one more might add up because Rashi Khanna is in the race to be Bunny’s third heroine. With so many heroines’ name attached to the movie, the impending question would be…Is Trivikram making a Kasanova movie with Bunny? Lolz. Though this is just an assumption, one never knows if this might turn out to be true.