Hesitation Costs Radhe Shyam Big Time!When everyone thought about when would RRR come out after being postponed from Jan 7th, the makers of RRR made a sudden announcement revealing that their film will be coming out on the 18th of March or 28th of April depending on the situation.

These two dates were special and were in the discussions for a long time. Especially the date of 18th March was also in consideration by the makers of Radhe Shyam as they too wanted to release the film on this same date. But now, they have lost this golden opportunity.

They wanted to release the film but the decision to wait has now cost them dearly. So, obviously, they cannot release the film on these said dates and look for something else either which is before April 28th or after March 18th.

Prabhas and the team have to now put their thinking caps once again chalk out a better release plan and make sure that the film gets a solo release. The film is also a romantic drama and Prabhas, who is having an action image is taking a big risk with the release. So, only time will tell what will happen and when would Radhe Shyam come out.