Hero’s Brutal Reply To Social Media TrollFilm celebrities are usually subject to trolls on social media but not often do we see them reacting to hate comments. But noted actor, Siddharth is one of a kind. He never minces words while reacting to social media hate. Here’s a recent incident which proves the point.

In a conversation related to the sensibilities of modern-day women, a Twitter user tagged Siddharth, saying girls aged 20+ are always in awe of Siddharth, who is aged 40+. He implied that girls adoring middle-aged men is preposterous.

Interestingly enough, Siddharth came up with a strong response to this comment. “Ee hero vayasu topic lo neeku firstu nene gurthochana ra? Tag kuda chesav? Super ra daridram. Ekkadninchi ostharraa meelantollu?,” he tweeted. The way Siddharth shut down this social media troll has caught the attention of netizens.

Then came another interesting conversation between Siddharth and another Twitter user. The latter asked Siddharth if he is a classmate of senior actor Prakash Raj. To which, he replied “Cha! Athanu naa adopted son. Nenu Mohan Babu garu classmates. Please get your facts straight.” This sure is one way to respond to social media trolls.