Hero ChuttaHe is a hero in the Telugu film industry. The star gives importance for his dialogue delivery. But then, it has become a problem now. The actor believes in smoking ‘Chutta’ (Tobacco rolled directly). He smokes 3-4 of them on the set daily. 

People ask him to at least opt for Cigarette but he strictly believes only Chutta works with his voice. But then, that is causing irritation to the heroines working him. They complain of the smell getting intolerable many times and they struggle to act in scenes that need them to go closer to him. 

They even say they get vomiting due to the strong smell of the tobacco. But then, the star is also known for his temper problems. No one on the set even dares to tell him about it. The directors and producers struggle between the hero and heroines on the set. 

“All these issues are part and parcel of the game. Each star carries a different set of problems and tantrums, we need to tolerate them if we have to work with them,” told us a director.