Heroines discouraged but they encouraged - Samantha

Samantha is the reigning queen of Telugu cinema and her charm along with box office success is ever increasing. The actress on her part attributes the success to the team and says it’s a temporary thing and wants to make the best use of it as long as it lasts. As part of this thinking the actress had started charity activities and is always seen lending her helping hand to causes whenever necessary.

Coming to the charity activity Samantha says that initially many of her co actresses didn’t show any interest but two stars Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu encouraged her. When Samantha expressed her interest for charity both the actors immediately agreed to do whatever they can to help and as part it they gave away their costumes for auction. This is how the actress got the costumes from Gabbar Singh and Dookudu.

All this charity thought however stuck to her last year when she had undergone a personal crisis in her life and understood how fragile the life is and how easily it could be broken into pieces. With such philosophical thoughts hitting her she started these charity activities to at least help others forget their pain.