The murder case surrounding Kannada heroine Shruti is taking new turns day by day. Shruti was alleged with murder of her husband with a team and carefully hiding him in a secret place. Though the murder happened few months back, she get caught only recently for her husband Peter’s murder.

Now that she is in police remand, she seems to be mouthing some bitter truths behind the real intentions of the murder. She says that her husband Peter wanted to make a blue film featuring her and when she refused, he tortured her using filthy and indecent language. When all this torture went beyond her tolerance level, she decided to murder him in that frustation.

This is the story Shruti is telling the police now after getting caught. Whether or not this is true or just a cooked up story is yet to be investigated and found out. The initial allegation on her was that she murdered her hubby for the sake of money. Besides Shruti, other persons involved in the murder need to be investigated thoroughly to see that the truth surfaces.