Prabhas Maruthi Movie Heroine MalavikaPrabhas needs to make a strong comeback and that is the reason, he has lined up multiple films with big directors. On the other hand, fans were surprised when news came out that Prabhas will be doing a film with Maruthi and that too a horror-comedy.

The project is yet to be announced officially and has raised so many eyebrows. But, a small clip featuring Malavika Mohanan went viral where she confirms doing a horror-comedy with Prabhas. For the last few days, her name was doing the rounds and now, Malavika has herself confirmed the project and it is with Prabhas.

Fans were not that happy ever since this news came out as they do not want a big star like Prabhas in a horror-comedy at this juncture of his pan India stardom. The fans think doing a horror-comedy like a small-time hero with a small director will bring his image down.

Now that Malavika has confirmed the project and her presence, will the makers consider the prayers of the fans and change the genre and make something else? Well, we all know the answer.