Faria Abdullah -Jaathi RathnaaluThough a small movie in its capacity, ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ produced by director Nag Ashwin is carrying a good buzz courtesy of the comedy promos and the other fun promos working for the movie. Naveen Polishetty and other lead actors are enough to create the fun needed.

So, the movie is getting a wider release in the USA and going by the promos, it’s understood that it’s the right kind of content for the US audiences. Given the wider release in the USA, heroine Faria Abdullah’s tweet looked interesting.

She wrote, “USA Audience… Come to the theatres for corona vaccine which is going to be given through entertainment.” Besides this, she also wished the US distributors make profits hoping ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ will bring them happiness.

Corona pandemic is the reason why the US audiences have been staying away from theatres and the heroine’s tweet is quite a tongue in cheek. Sensible and sense of humour mixed fairly!

The USA premieres (March 10th) list shows that this movie will be the biggest release so far in the US in 2021. By the way, ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ will be competing with Sharwanand’s ‘Sreekaram’ at the box-office.