Ram-Charan-JrNTR-RRR-JapanJr NTR and Ram Charan are in a tricky situation after RRR. While NTR30 is taking forever to hit the floors, Ram Charan’s RC15 with Shankar has been stalled as the latter is simultaneously focused on to Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2. Both heroes are without too much work now.

But this has come as a blessing in disguise for RRR which is on a big Oscars campaign now.

Both Charan and Tarak are now leaving to Japan to promote RRR’s release there. Tarak is even giving interviews to Japanese media as he is a known face there. The film is releasing in Japan this month.

Now, the presence of the main men Charan and Tarak at the Japanese screening will greatly boost RRR’s Oscars campaign as it will bring international attention. It won’t just help the film, but also the global image of these two stars.

As RRR has been registered in the general category for the Oscars, promotional campaigns in international markets like Japan and China will be of great help to the film. It is already a raging hit in the West, we must note.

So, the spare time that Charan and Tarak have now is directly helping RRR in a big way.

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