Yash_Pan_India_HeroPan-India stardom is hard to come by. But there is one hero who appears to be wasting all the pan-India attention he got. The said hero is Yash, who recently delivered a box office blockbuster with KGF 2.

Yash has caught the pan-India attention now. The Rocky Bhai character he played in KGF 2 is a cult one now. However, Yash appears to be in no rush in capitalizing on the solid platform he got with KGF 2.

Yash is yet to announce his immediate next project after KGF 2. In fact, there isn’t even a talk about his next project.

Usually, when star heroes get a big hit, they immediately line up projects with big-league directors. But Yash hasn’t made any progress in this regard till now.

Yash had recently hinted that he wishes to make Kannada films that will be released in the pan-India circuit and he has no intention of going after other language star directors. This might be an indication that he will work with a Kannada director for his next.

Either way, it is time for Yash to come out of the hibernation mode and announce his next project at the earliest. The KGF 2 hype is at an all time high now and he simply can’t let it go in waste.