Hero Booked For Public Nuisance!Young Telugu hero Vishwak Sen is very proactive when it comes to promoting his films. He is known for making filmy statements to promote his films. He has taken things to a new level altogether for his upcoming film Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam.

The other day, a video featuring Vishwak and a person(promoted as Vishwak’s fan) created a ruckus on a busy road in Hyderabad. The fan was seen with a petrol container in his hand and he threatened to torch himself if he doesn’t meet Arjun(the male lead in AVAK). As it turned out, all this high drama was a promotional stint related to AVAK.

The common public is not reacting kindly to Vishwak’s latest act. In fact, a Human Rights Commission complaint has reportedly been filed against Vishwak over the public nuisance act.

This strange public prank video has drawn severe flak on social media as well. Netizens are commenting that promoting a film is one thing and staging a prank with a person threatening to torch himself in public is one thing. This public nuisance caused by the young actor is a hot topic now.